Nourish. Sweat. Soul.



ethical | eco-friendly | sustainable apparel + health brand.

We define Nourish Sweat Soul as the elements we need to create a holistic and vibrant life. Holistic means considering our whole self, acknowledging the interconnectedness of the various facets of health – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We want to inspire nourishment of mind, body and soul, fuelling through movement, meditation and wholefoods.

We source socially and environmentally conscious apparel for NSS, which means our apparel is all eco-friendly, made ethically and sustainably, most styles are also made from organic materials. We also offer wholesale and custom printing options.  

We support and encourage the idea of "New Consumerism" - trends built on demand for sustainability, authenticity, simplicity, minimalism, slow fashion, thrift, consignment, as well as supporting and shopping local.   

Sustainable Fashion is an approach to fashion where garments are produced in a sustainable way (a way that could theoretically continue indefinitely without harming the environment), using eco-friendly materials such as organic fibres, eco fibres and recycled yarns, with further consideration given to issues such as energy efficient production, workers' rights and conditions, biodegradable packaging, recycling, and carbon foot print. 

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